What beats psychic typed Pokemon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Bug, Ghost, and Dark type are super-effective (2x) against Psychic type Pokemon (assuming it is pure Psychic, such as a Mew)

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Q: What beats psychic typed Pokemon?
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What pokemon beats psychic?

Bug, Ghost, and Dark type are super-effective (2x) against Psychic type Pokemon (assuming it is pure Psychic, such as a Mew)

What Pokemon beats pysich Pokemon?

assuming you mean psychic pokemon, dark type is supereffective

What beats fighting in Pokemon soul silver?

What beats Fighting types easily are Psychic, and Flying.

What type of Pokemon beats poison type Pokemon?

Bug, Ground, Psychic, and steel

What types ae good on Victini in Pokemon Black and White?

it is psychic typed

What type of Pokemon beats poisonis Pokemon FireRed?

Ground types and psychic types beat poison types.

What beats ice in Pokemon emerald?

Fire beats grass bug steel and ice Grass beats water rock and ground Ground beats electric fire and rock Rock beats flying dragon and steel Water beats rock fire and ground Flying beats grass bug and fighting Bug beats psychic and grass Electric beats flying and water Dark beats dark psychic and ghost Psychic beats fighting Ghost beats psychic Dragon beats dragon Ice beats dragon flying and grass

What types of Pokemon are effective against which?

Normal doesn't beat anything Fire beats Grass, Ice, Bug and Steel. Water beats Fire, Ground and Rock Grass beats Water, Ground, and Rock. Electric beats Water and Flying. Ice beats Ground, Flying, Dragon and grass Fighting beats Normal and dark Poison beats grass Ground beats Fire, Electric and Rock. Flying beats Grass, Fighting and Bug. Psychic beats Fighting. Bug beats Grass, dark and psychic Rock beats Fire, ice and Flying. Ghost beats ghost and psychic Dragon beats Dragon. Dark beats Ghost and Psychic. Steel beats Rock. Hope this helps!

How do you complete the battle tower for diamond?

First see what Pokemon they have then remember the Pokemon and the type they are. Get the types that's good against the Pokemon they have and train them to level 100. Water beats Fire Water beats Rock Fire beats Grass Fire beats Ice Fire beats some Bug Grass beats Water Grass beats Rock Ground beats Fire Ground beats some Bug Psychic beats ghost ... ... ...

Pokemon platinum What is good against what?

Do you mean type advantages?Well if you mean type advantages,then Fire beats Grass,Ice & Bug;Water beats Fire,Ground & Rock;Electric beats Water & Flying;Grass beats Water,Ground & Rock;Ice beats Grass,Ground,Flying & Dragon;Fighting beats Normal,Ice,Rock,Dark & Steel;Poison beats Grass;Ground beats Fire,Electric,Poison,Rock & Steel;Flying beats Grass,Fighting & Bug;Psychic beats Fighting & Poison;Bug beats Grass,Psychic & Dark;Rock beats Fire,Ice,Flying & Bug:Ghost beats Psychic & Ghost;Dragon beats Dragon;Dark beats Psychic & Ghost;& Steel beats Ice & Rock.Finally!Hope that helps!

What type beats a dragon type Pokemon?

Ice, Fairy and Dragon-typed moves are very effective against Dragon.

What beats dragon type pokemon?

Ice, Fairy and Dragon-type moves are super-effective against Dragon-typed Pokémon.