What ball shoild you use on Rotom?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well, I would prefer Ultra Balls because they have a good catch rate. Dusk Balls would work well if you tried to catch it at night, too. You can try any suitable Poke Ball also, such as a Timer Ball. For more information on how much the catch rate is for every ball, go to

Then scroll down to see all the balls and their catch rate.

-Hope this helped!

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Q: What ball shoild you use on Rotom?
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What ball do you need to catch Rotom?

There is no specific ball needed to catch Rotom, use whichever ball you want.

How do you get Rotom on platinum version?

go to the old chateu in entera forest. Go upstairs, in one of the upstars rooms, there is a t.v, go up to it and hit the A button. Rotom will be in there battle Rotom until it only has one HP left, then use a dusk ball or an ultra ball to capture Rotom. Hope this helped!

How do you get Rotom in platinum version?

you just go to the TV in the old chateu at night and talk to the TV and there is rotom to catch rotom bring lots of ultra and timer balls don't use you're master ball cause it's only lvl 20

What pokeball is best to catch Rotom?

a dusk ball when he is on yellow but use a 23 and under Pokemon and you can find the dusk ball at the inside of the Pokemon legue at the right counter

What is a good moveset for Rotom?

Discharge, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam, Flash.

How do you get Pokemon 152 in Pokemon Platinum?

You can get rotom by in the haunted house near eterna city and after 8pm and go to the one witch has the scary picture on and press A at the tv and you should get rotom. Rotom can be caught by a normal great or ultra ball

What do you need to do to be able to catch Rotom in Pokemon platnium?

Have the nationalpokedex and after that go to the old chateau in eterna forest, go up the stairs, go in the room with the TV and press the A button on it.. BEWARERotom will be lvl 15 so, be careful if you want it! to get a rotom you need the national pokedex go to the old house and go to the room with the tv at night if it is day you can't catch rotom press the a button and rotom will aper rotom is so easy to catch just use a ultra ball and you done

How do you get Rotom in Pokemon Pearl?

go to the old chateu on Friday night 8pm-8:30pm or will not work go to top door and go to the first door at the far left talk to tv and rotom lv1 will appear try to use dusk ball or ultraballs

How do you get Rotom on Pokemon diamond?

You can't get a rotom in Pokemon dimond. You have to get one in Pokemon platnium. In platnium go to the Eterna Forest. You have probably seen the Old Chateau. Go inside. If you go upstairs there should be T.V. in one of the bedrooms, click on it. It will say it appears to be alive. Then you will battle rotom. He will be about level 20. Just use a pokeball and rotom's all yours. Hope this helped you.

How do you catch Rotom?

Rotom: First, obtain the National Dex. Then go to Eterna Forest, go to the old chateu. Then go to the room were the television is, thump it (don't thump the DS) Click the television then it will say to thump it, it will say a Pokemon is inside the television. Capture it, Rotom is level 15. Try using a quick ball on full health because I caught my Rotom in one Quick Ball! Hint: If your playing your game at night, use Dusk Balls.It will only ask if you want to thump it if your poketch clock says its between 20 00 and 4 000

How good is rotom level 100?

its pretty good with the right move set and you will have a strong rotom at lv100. e.g thunderbolt,thunder,dark pulse and shadow ball. by jay jay wurzbacher

How do you change rotom?

you have to use a key of some sort