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subtle subtle

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Q: What are words with a silent b followed by t?
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What words have silent T?

One word with a silent "t" is debt. Debt does not have a silent "t", it is the "b" that is silent. The word is not pronounced deb, it is ponounced det.

What is the silent letter in doubt?

The 'b' in doubt is silent.

St words with a silent t?

words witn st silent

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What is the most frequently used silent consonant?

Not sure which is the most prevalent, but here are some: the letter "g" which is silent when followed by an "n' at the beginning or end of words such as "gnash" and "gnome" and "benign" or resign". Not however when the syllables separate the letters, i.e., "dragnet". Another would be the silent "b" for words ending in "mb" like "bomb" "comb" Or the silent "c" in words / syllables beginning with "sc" as in "science" and "ascend" and "scissors". Seems like this might be the most frequent. And in American English, an "H" starting some words and secondary syllables, such as "honor" or "exhibit" or "exhaust" or "graham" Then there is the silent "k" when followed by "n" as in "knot, Knowledge, knives" Words ending in 'mn' -- silent 'n', like in "limn" "autumn" "condemn" Words with initial "wh" -- silent "H" -- "where, when, who" and with initial "wr" -- silent "w" -- as in "write" and 'wrench" Silent "t" for words ending in "stle" as in "castle" or "trestle"

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Words with a silent t?

french words like ballet, vallet stuffliike that