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ends in 'iest' = earliest (root word: early)

ends in 'ier' = trickier (root word: tricky)

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Q: What are words that end with 'iest' and 'ier'?
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Words that end with iest?


What is the difference beteween -er -est -ier and -iest?

-er and -est are used to form comparatives and superlatives for one-syllable adjectives (e.g., fast, faster, fastest). -ier and -iest are used for two-syllable adjectives ending in -y (e.g., happy, happier, happiest).

What are some words end with the suffix ier?

Engineer, cashier, barrier, premier.

What are the suffixes for WORD?

word - word(s), word(/ed/ier/iest), word(ing), word(iness), word(ily), word(y), word(age), word(less)

Why are some words in the ier category?

Some words fall into the "ier" category because they are comparative forms of adjectives, indicating a higher degree of a quality. For example, "prettier" is the comparative form of "pretty," indicating that something is more pretty than something else.

What words have the suffix -ier?

Some words with the suffix -ier are happier, stickier, and prettier.

What is the suffix of brain?

Some suffixes for the word 'brain' are: (s) brains (y) brainy (ier) brainier (iest) brainiest (less) brainless (teaser) brainteaser (child) brainchild (storm) brainstorm

When was Journal of the IEST created?

Journal of the IEST was created in 1958.

What does the suffix iest mean?

The suffix "iest" is a superlative suffix indicating the highest degree or intensity of a quality. When added to an adjective or adverb, it forms the superlative form of that word.

What are some words that change the y to an you add er or est?

You're probably referring to the forms of an adjectivethat ends with 'y'. The comparative form drops the 'y' and adds 'ier', the superlative form drops the 'y' and adds 'iest'. Some examples are:happy, happier, happiestfunny, funnier, funniestchewy, chewier, chewiestsilly, sillier, silliestwary, warier, wariestphony, phonier, phoniest

When was Vaucochard et fils Ier created?

Vaucochard et fils Ier was created in 1864.

When was Georges Ier de Bade born?

Georges Ier de Bade was born in 1433.