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Q: What are words that begin with non meaning nine?
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What words have nov meaning nine in them?


What Words with prefix non means nine?

A example of a word with non- as a prefix meaning nine would be likeNonagon- meaning a shape with 9 sides non-smart-meaning having no knowledge

What words begin with the prefix non that mean 9?

Nonagon is a word that begins with the prefix "non" and means a polygon with nine sides.

What are some words that have the prefix non and relate to nonagon meaning 9?

nonet (a group of nine) is one of them.........

What are some words beginning with NON meaning 9?

nonagon is one, it's a nine sided figure actually it has 9 sides,nine vertices and 9 points

Words that begin with non?

nonagon, nonagonal,

Can prefix Non- go anywhere?

The prefix "non-" can be added to most words to indicate negation or absence. However, not all words can have "non-" as a prefix, and its usage is dependent on the specific meaning and structure of the word.

What is the prefix of non?

The prefix non- means not or nine. A couple common words with this are nonsense and nonagon.

What words begin with the prefix non in math terms?

Three of many examples: non-negative. non-trivial. non-linear.

What is the medical terminology combining form meaning nine?

nona - non - ennea - navam -

When will the red vs blue season nine begin?

It will begin June 14th 2011. Sponsors of rooster teeth get it 2 hours earlier and members get it 30mins before non.

What words start in non?

Nonchalant, noncommittal, nondescript, nondiscriminatory, nonexistent, nonfunctional, nonpartisan, nonpoisonous, nonprofit, nonresidential, nonstop, nonverbal and nonviolent are words. They begin with NON.