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  • Wear provocative clothing and then get mad when they [men] check you out
  • Flirt without any intention of dating or starting a relationship
  • Give out your number without intending to date; or accept his number without ever calling
  • Play hard to get; turn down dates or act disinterested even if you really are
  • Break a date or don't show up for one
  • Make them wait for you; be late or not ready
  • Take him out on expensive dates
  • Get him hot and bothered and then refuse to have sex
  • Flirt with other men in front of him
  • Say one thing, but do or want another
  • Be selfish. See how much bad behavior he'll put up with
  • Expect him to read your mind
  • Compare him to your friends' boyfriends
  • Throw tantrums
  • Ask him a question/offer him something and want them to say no or disagree with you.
  • Try some male mind games, like fractionation hypnosis/seduction. Typically used by men to trick women, it can also be used vice versa. Here's what you do: make him alternately happy or sad, so he becomes expectant or dependent on you for these emotions. You'll need to more covert, however, since men are less dependent on emotions than women and will catch on.
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Q: What are ways a female can play mind games on a man?
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