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fungi feeds on vegetation and somthing that starts with an a

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Q: What are two things fungi feed on that starts with v and a?
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Are grasses fungi?

No, grasses are not fungi. Grasses and fungi are two different things.

What two things Fungi eat that start a V and A?

Fungi don't eat.

What do scientist study that starts with the letter F?

Fungi, fauna are two.

What are two types of living things?

Two types of living things can be generalized to prokaryotes (which are bacteria and archae) and eukaryotes (which are animals, plants, protists, and fungi).

What are two things you grow in the ground that starts with the letter I?

iris and ivy

What two things does the circulatory system feed to the muscles?

Bone and tissue baby

What are two things that rabbits eat?

Rabbits feed on grass, forbs and leafy weeds.

Which two groups are closely related evolutionarily plants and animals plants and fungi fungi and animals?

fungi & animals

How many syllables are in the word fungi?

There are two syllables in fungi because it has two separate vowel sounds; fun & gi

What are 2 parasitic fungi?

the two parasictic fungi are Tinea pedis and Candida albicans

Are there anything in the galaxy that starts with x?

Xylophones, and Xenon are two of many things.

What two types of living things that biologist could study?

prokaryotes (which are bacteria and archaea) and eukaryotes (which are animals, plants, protists, and fungi). hope this helps