What are the weaknesses of Pokemon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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weaknesses are points of Pokemon where they are weak like for example a grass Pokemon is effective against water and a fire type i totally useless against water

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Q: What are the weaknesses of Pokemon?
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What are all of physics weaknesses in Pokemon?

Its weaknesses are ghost, bug and dark types.

What are the weaknesses rock Pokemon have?


I need Pokemon that have few type weaknesses so I can take little damage so what Pokemon have few type weaknesses?

Answer:it all depends on what you're facing, but Sableye and Spiritomb have no weaknesses.

What are Pokemon strength and weaknesses?

it depends on the type of pokemon, the moves which it knows and how trained the pokemon is.

What are metallic Pokemon weaknesses?

Fire, ground

In Pokemon what are Dragonites weaknesses?

ice and dragon

What type of Pokemon beats Rayquaza in sappire?

any Pokemon has the potentional to beat rayquaza theres no 1 Pokemon that can beat rayquaza in battle although if you want his weaknesses his weaknesses are dragon and ice

Who is the hardest Pokemon to beat?

spiritomb, because it has no weaknesses

The best Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no "best" Pokemon because every Pokemon has its own weaknesses and strengths against other types of Pokemon,

What are the Pokemon weaknesses on Pokemon Diamond?

it depends on the pokemon.....example:i have a Pikachu its weekness is water,i have a Piplup is weekness is ice.....

Is there a balanced Pokemon?

If by "balanced", you recommend a pokemon with no weaknesses, there is. It's name is Eelektross. It is only weak to ground, and it nullifies it with its "Levitate" ability. Other than that, balanced is up for interpretation. If it is not a pokemon with no weaknesses, I have no idea what balanced means.

What two Pokemon have no outstanding strengths or weaknesses?

Those two Pokemon would be Sableye and Spiritomb.