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well you come across a whole range of pokemon from rock to ghost types. The boss has a tough collection of dragon types so i think you should take a variety of pokemon, if you have already caught Lugia this would be an advantage, especially if it's a high lvl pokemon.

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Q: What are the types of Pokemon used by the trainers in the indigo plateau in Pokemon silver?
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Where are the elite four in Pokemon Silver?

They are at indigo plateau

What is the name of the dragon Pokemon user in the indigo plateau in Pokemon silver?


Where is your rival after you battle him in indigo plateau Pokemon silver?

Up your Anal Cavity

Where is mt. silver on Pokemon Crystal?

When you get all 16 badges, go to Indigo Plateau and to the left youll go through this grassy path. Eventually, youll reach Silver Mountain

Where is mtsilver cave on Pokemon Gold?

Mt. Silver is west of the Indigo Plateau gate in Pokémon HeartGold and Pokémon SoulSilver.

Where is the elite four in silver?

in the kanto region on indigo plateau. You have to catch lugia first.

How do you get to silver cave in Pokemon soul silver version?

To get to Mt. Silver you need to have beaten all 16 Gym Leaders in Johto and Kanto. From there go to the Gates at Indigo Plateau, and take a left at the point where you continued forward into Victory Road.

What is Pokemon indago?

Pokemon indigo is a game like gold,silver,and crystal!!!.

How do you beat the elite 4 in silver?

go to the indigo plateau in kanto in the realy big poke center

Where is the indigo plateau in soul silver?

You have to get all the gym badges and head east of new bark town

Where do you get chancey in silver version?

Go to Indigo Plateau in kanto, then go east. You meet it in the grass at night!

Where is silver cave in Pokemon SoulSilver?

west of the indigo platea