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Zap Gun and Wave Gun

email me at i can answer any questions about black ops 1 black ops 2 and world at war i know all secrets glitches hacks etc...

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Q: What are the two guns called on black ops zombies moon?
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Is moon zombies on black ops 2?


How do use the hacker on moon in black ops zombies?

You pick up the hacker device then you can walk over to doors,guns,machines,ETC. and hold x.

What level is the astronaut on in black ops zombies?


Is there much people on online for black ops zombies moon?


Do waw map packs work on black ops?

There is a Map pack for black ops called rezurrection and it includes all of the zombies maps in call of duty world at war. also with a new black ops zombies map called moon. although, in the map pack, there is no new multiplayer maps.

What is mule kick on call of duty black ops?

It is a Nazi Zombies Perk-A-Cola that allows you to have three guns rather than two. It was introduced first on Moon, but was brought to all the maps in an update.

Can you play moon more than once on black ops zombies?


How did zombies get on the moon in call of duty black ops?

becuz homie they just do

What does mule kick do in Call of Duty Black Ops?

It allows you to carry 3 weapons in zombies map moon

How do you get unlimited ammo in zombies black ops moon?

There is nothing such as "Unlimited ammo" in zombies... But you can hack black ops zombies for unlimited ammo,god mode etc... But I don't wanna do that otherwise Playstation network will ban my account...

How do you share guns in black ops moon?

cant dumb @ss

What are Germans called in call of duty black ops zombie mode?

They are nazi zombies but not all the zombies are germain. There are many zombie maps for a total of 11 in Black Ops including the 4 WAW zombie maps in the DLC Rezurrection that also includes the Zombie Map Moon the zombies in WAW and Black Ops are the nazi zombies except for the ones that are not even germain. The are also other call of duty games and only the Treyarch developed games have zombies for only some platforms. The Modern Warfare series does not have zombies