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I believe their isn't a code you can't get the regi's in Pokemon pearl unless you trade.

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Q: What are the three codes to get all the Regis on Pokemon Pearl?
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How can you send the three regis from Pokemon ranger to Pokemon pearl?

trade them

How do you get all three regis on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Trade someone with Ruby,Sapphire,and Emerald.

How do you obtain all three of the Regis in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You must Migrate from Sapphire, Ruby or Emrald.

How can you get registeel in Pokemon pearl?

you can't catch any of the three regis on any DS game except platnium.sorry:(

How do you get all the reiges Pokemon Pearl?

I think you have to transfer the three regis from platinum version to pearl version but you have to have platinum version I think that's all I know

How do you catch the three regis in Pokemon pearl version without migrating?

It is only possible by cheating.Not by regular gameplay.

How do you get the 3 regis in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you cant get the three regi's in heart gold or soul silver. You can only get them in Pearl, Diamond and Platnium

How do you get the three regis without ruby?

either you get Pokemon emerald or Sapphire, and if you want them on diamond or pearl you have to beat the elite four and then migrate.

How can you get regigigas the pokem?

On Pokemon platinum, diamond, and pearl you have to get regirock, registeel, and regiice then you go to the snowpoint temple and go to the end and regigigass will be there talk to him and he will battle you.(you HAVE TO have the three regis- with you. on all the other ones you cant but you can get the three regi. forgot to get the three regis n platinum and diamond and pearl you have to migrate them. Hoped this helps!

In Pokemon ruby what will happen if you caught the three regis?

Nothing special, but if you migrate them over to Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum, when they are at the same level, you can get Regigigas.

How do you get the three regis in Pokemon pearl?

you first have to have the national pokedex and must have one of these games, Pokemon emerald, Pokemon ruby, or Pokemon sapphireRegircok, Regice, and Registeel are not findable in the wild in Pearl. You must port them over from Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald.

Were to get the three regis in Pokemon pearl?

I'm pretty sure you can't get them in the wild; you have to transfer them from R/S/E. Or trade them, but that requires the Pokedex data on them.