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start off with a name HEYZEUS!!!! and u get 555 intelligance,strengh,and charm. to get alot of money go to the bank and type in 1e24 and u get alot of money after you do get the money,buy a castle and buy all the things that go in it. only do it once or eventually youll lose money.kill the kid on the street by giving him alot of ciggaretes.also go get the car buy the apartment


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Q: What are the stick RPG complete cheats?
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What are the stick RPG 2 cheats?

There are no cheats for Stick RPG 2, however, there are cheats for Stick RPG Complete. If you type HEYZEUS!!!! exactly in your username, you will get a lot of stats and $10,000. If you type in 1e24 in your deposit into the bank, you will get tons of money.

What is stick RPG complete?

It is a game by xgenstudios and is a realy good one, serch stick rpg complete hacked or stick rpg complete

How do you get a helicopter in stick RPG complete?

There isint any helicopter in stick rpg complete

Are there any stick RPG 2 cheats?


What cheats codes are there for Stick RPG 3?


Stick RPG complete cheats?

there ARE* two cheats for stick RPG make you name HEZUSE!!!! make sure it is in capital letters the second one go to the bank an type in 1E25 then hit deposit it will give you a million bucks so you can buy a castle. that helped a it, thanks

Isthere any bank cheats in stick RPG?

not yet no

How do you put a E in the ATM on stick RPG 2?

that's not in stick rpg 2,,, its just in stick rpg complete (the first one).

How do you get booze in Stick RPG?

Make sure you have stick rpg complete you dont need to download it you can play it here go to the bar at any time and get booze! ps:Stick rpg 2 is out!

Where to find the game stick RPG?

You just go to Google and type down: Stick RP. Then click in the first link thingy. It says Stick RPG Complete.

What is a cool math game site that has stick rpg complete?

its a chana

When does the furniture store open in stick RPG?

u have to get caffeine pills and the alarm clock.sleep.then the clock is all white.the store is then open.