What are the secrets in Raze 2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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For lol secret cats, go on frostbite map quickmatch and jump on top of the giant glacier. then go to the middle and jump up.

For i hate nature, do quickmatch at facility. Shoot at the trees on the bottom. It will take a while, but it works.

For reach for the sky, go to human campaign the mission cause and effect and go to where the aliens float out of the sky and shoot up with the sniper.

For love is blind, do the first mission in human campaign and go back to the beginning after the rocket crashes.

That is all.

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Q: What are the secrets in Raze 2?
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Cheat codes for maze raze 2?

im not sure if there is some cheat codes for raze 2 but i no there is 4 secrets in raze 2

What do secrets in raze 2 do?

They unlock special modes in Quick Match

Is raze 2 out?

raze 2 is out go play it now! :D

Can you do 2 player on raze?

no you can not i think in raze 2 PS i don't know

When will raze 2 be hacked?

raze 2 is hacked!! its on www.hackedarcade or www.arcade just type in search bar raze 2 hacked

What are some games similar to raze?

there are a lot of it like Armor Mayhem or Raze 2

When is raze 2 coming out?

raze 2 is already out you play it on or raze 2 is really cool I've played it you can upgrade you're guns get abilities and wear equipment to make levels easier for you

Who is the best at raze 2?


When will raze 2 be out in 2011?

its already out

How do you teleport in Raze 2?

pay for it

When is raze 3 game coming out?

Raze 3 is an rumored unreleased online shooting game apparently to come out 2013. On, Juice-Tin hasn't said anything concerning a sequel to Raze 2. Before Raze 2 was released, Juice-Tin said that the game would be multiplayer. Now, rumors say that Raze 3 would have multiplayer enabled on the game. So in conclusion, Raze 3 does not exist yet.

Is there a Raze 2?

Yes, actually! The sequel to Raze (and also Raze itself) is on Go check it out, you'll love it; it has a new campaign and SO MANY MORE WEAPONS.