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Money is the prize offered in the ASP World Tour. The top prize money varies between events but often the highest prize is $10,000 though it is sometimes over $20,000.

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Q: What are the prizes offered in the ASP World Tour?
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Who are the ASP World Tour champions of 2012?

In 2012, the ASP World Tour champion was a man named Joel Parkinson. ASP is an acronym that stands for something known as the Association of Surfing Professions.

Who is the longboarding world champion?

The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) longboard champions for 2011 are: ASP World Longboard Tour Champion (Men) - Taylor Jensen ASP World Longboard Tour Champion (Women) - Lindsay Steinriede

Which awards did Bethany Hamilton win?

2007 Asp and World Tour events

What athletes are on the top 10 of the ASP World Tour?

The top 10 athletes of the ASP World Tour (as stated in the 2012 ASP World Rankings) are as follows; Sebastien Zietz (HAW), Kolohe Andino (USA), Matt Wilkinson (AUS), Glenn Hall (IRL), Brett Simpson (USA), Filipe Toledo (BRA), Adam Melling (AUS), Nat Young (USA), Fredrick Patacchia (HAW) and Tiago Pires (PRT).

Does Bethany Hamilton stilll surf?

yes, as of May 2011, she stills surfs. she competed as a wildcard at the ASP Women World Tour Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach in April 2011

What sport is Chris Ward best known for participating in?

Chris Ward is known for being a surfer. In 2012 he was voted the most interesting surfer in the world. Born in 1978 he has been a member of the ASP World Tour since 2005.

What is Mick Fanning best known for?

Mick Fanning is best known for being an Australian professional surfer. He is a dual world champion in surfing, winning both the 2007 and 2009 ASP world tour. He is from New South Wales, Australia.

What is an ASP baton?

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What are poisonous asps?

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Regarding lrit What is the difference between the authorised asp and the recognised asp?

An authorised ASP is authorised to test/certify. The recognised ASP is the ASP that provides the Data Centre for that particular Administration.

How many people surf in Australia?

in Australia with a country of 24million, over 8 million try surfing and of that 6 million do surfing as a sport. there is 2.5 million bodyboarders these figures show why AUSTRALIA AND AMERICA dominate the asp world tour and why we are the best surfing nation in the world

Who has won the ASP world surfing championship 11 times?

Kelly Slater

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