What are the newest Webkinz?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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These are released and un-released ones pom pom kitty


Sig. Dutch Bunny

Old English Sheepdog

Tree Kangaroo

Sig. Short-Haired Yorkie

Small Sig. Beagle

Sig. Endangered Asian Elephant

Sig. Endangered Bengal Tiger

Small Sig. Black Bear

Border Collie

Bubblegum Cheeky Cat

Sig. Cow

Carousel Horse

Dazzle Dachshund



Small Sig. Fox

Marshmallow Bunny

Peace Puppy

Sig. Pig

Pom-Pom Kitty

Rainbow Armadillo


Spotted Seal


Endangered Sig. Zebra

These are pets released Feb-May

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Q: What are the newest Webkinz?
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What was the newest Webkinz?

the newest webkinz are the guinea pig the oriole the cherry blossom bird and the springer spaniel

What Webkinz are the newest releases?

The newest releast webkinz is the misltoe mouse. and this might be wrong. the date is 12/4

When does the wacky zingo webkinz come out?

if you want to know when the newest webkinz are coming out you should go to, and go to webkinz. There you will see the newest webkinz and when they will come out. I'm pretty sure the dragon is coming out in May,

What is the new Webkinz?

Webkinz updates and adds webkinz all the time. Go to, and ROCKS!!!) to see the newest webkinz and future webkinz.

What is the newest Webkinz?

signature endangered zebra

Can you tell me the latest webkinz?

Go to They list up coming webkinz, past webkinz, and newest webkinz. And the site is totally free.

What are the webkinz coming out in March and when are they coming out?

The newest webkinz in march are Tiger and I don't know what else!!

What are the newest webkinz out in stores now?

As of February 9th, 2012; the newest Webkinz are:Feb.Daisy PigDreamy SheepSignature English Lop BunnyBadgerTuxedo CatMarchBengal Cat, SignatureCuddly KoalaWelsh Gorgi DogRadiant RhinoCurly Camel

What are the NEWEST webkinz clothing recipes?

neon tutu is bye far the newest and best and prettiest and will always be one of my favorite recipes

The newest webkinz toys are what?

The toco tucan the goldfish the dinosaur the spotted leppord

What are the newest recipes on webkinz?

there are not many new ones but you should try spinning the wheel of wow

What was the 5th webkinz ever made?

The fifth Webkinz ever made was the Webkinz Elephant. I can prove this in easy steps: 1. Log into your Webkinz account 2. Go to the Newspaper and under the section, Webkinz Pets & Stuff 3. Click on Webkinz Pets, and it will show you all the Webkinz from oldest to newest. I hope this helped! P.S. Many people think the Cheeky Dog was the first Webkinz ever, but it was actually the Pig! The Cheeky Dog was just the first retired webkinz!