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When you catch it, Lugia's moves will be:

Aeroblast--flying type--5PP

Extrasensory--psychic type--30PP

Hydro Pump--water type--5PP

Rain Dance--water type--5PP

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Q: What are the moves that Lugia will have in soul silver?
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Where is shadow luiga on soul silver?

Shadow Lugia is not in Soul Silver, but Lugia is. He is in the Whirl Islands.

What are Lugia's moves?

All of lugias original moves in soul silver are Extrasensory, Hydro Pump, Rain Dance and Aero Blast.

Where do you catch Lugia Pokemon platinum?

You can't unless you have silver,soul silver or action replay [with silver and soul silver you must capture lugia then for soul silver trade and for silver, I'm not 100% sure but you migrate lugia to platinum and catch it at pal park.

How do you get shadow Lugia in soul silver?

you cant get shadow lugia

What moves does Lugia learn in Pokemon soul silver?

the moves that i have my lugia use are extrasensory,fly,aeroblast and hydro pump that way it is good even against grass type Pokemon which are super effective!

How do you seek Lugia on soul silver?

you can find lugia with the silver wing in the whirl islands

What Pokemon game has Lugia in it?

Lugia is in Pokemon Silver, Soul Silver, and Heart Gold.

Can Lugia learn electric type moves on Pokemon soul silver?

By TM, Lugia can learn Thunderbolt, Thunder, Shock Wave, Charge Beam, and Thunder Wave.

How do you get a shadow Lugia in soul silver?

you dont

When do you get Lugia in Pokemon Silver?

which one of the wirl islands is lugia on in Pokemon soul silver? and the kimono girls ?

Pokemon soul silver how to find Lugia?

first you have to get the silver wing and go to whirl islands and there you will meet lugia

How do you get to lugia in the whirl islands in soul silver?

you need the silver wing