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LV:20-Thrash, LV.23-Bite, LV.26-Leer, LV.29-Twister, LV.32-Ice Fang, LV.35-Aqua Tail, LV.38-Rain Dance, LV.41-Hydro Pump, LV.44-Dragon Dance, LV.47-Hyper Beam.

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Q: What are the moves of Gyarados Pokemon starting to level 20 up to 100 in Pokemon pearl?
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How can you get a fire Gyarados in Pokemon ruby?

Gyarados is always a water/flying type, you can teach it fire type moves though.

When does Gyarados learn moves in Pokemon Yellow?

Gyarados should learn Bite once Magikarp evolves at lv 20. Gyarados will then learn Dragon Rage at 25, Leer at 32, Hydro Pump at 41, and Hyper Beam at 52. Gyarados will also learn moves if you teach it TMs and HMs.

What Pokemon does lance have?

in Soul Silver and Heart Gold Lance has these Pokemon: GYARADOS - level 46 CHARIZARD-level 48 DRAGONAIR-level 49 AERODACTYL-level 48 DRAGONAIR-level 49 DRAGONITE-level 50 if I were you I would mainly use ice moves hope this helps! in the old Pokemon color games (red, blue, and yellow) Lance has the following Pokemon: LEV. 58 GYARADOS LEV. 56 DRAGONAIR LEV. 56 DRAGONAIR LEV. 60 AERODACTYL LEV. 62 DRAGONITE dragon type Pokemon are vulnerable to ice and fighting type moves but no Pokemon can defend well against them so keep those potions ready and waiting

What moves does garadoes learn on Pokemon emerald?

In Pokémon Emerald, the moves that Gyarados are capable of learning through level up are Thrash which is a start move and then it will learn Bite at Level 20, Dragon Rage at Level 25, Leer at Level 30, Twister at Level 35, Hydro Pump at Level 40, Rain Dance at Level 45, Dragon Dance at Level 50 and Hyper Beam at Level 55.

Can Gyarados learn ice moves in Pokemon platinum?

Yes he can. For example, he can learn the TM Ice Beam.

I can't pass champion Lance in Pokemon soul silver?

For his Dragonites (x3), have Ice-Type Pokemon at hand. For Charizard, have a Water-Type Pokemon. For his Gyarados, have a Electric-Type Pokemon. For his Aerodactyl, have a Water-Type as well. The 2nd time you face him: Use Ice or Electric Moves or Pokemon against his Salamence. Use Ice or Water Moves or Pokemon against his Garchomp. Use Ice or Electric Moves or Pokemon against his Altaria. Otherwise, he has a Dragonite, Charizard, and Gyarados. Just read above to know how to handle them.

What moves does Azumarill learn?

Azumarill is a water-type Pokemon that evolves from Marrill starting at level 18. In the third generation, its most powerful moves are Double-Edge at level 34, Rain Dance at level 45, and Hydro Pump at level 57.

Can Magikarp learn TM moves?

No.Magikarp cannot learn any TM moves if it evolves into gyarados then gyarados can learn TM moves and HM moves too. I Hope i helped you!

What moves and levels does Gyarados learn in emerald?

level 1=flame thrower level100=fack u thank u

In Pokemon Heart Gold how do you beat the last gym leader?

She uses Dragon-type Pokemon, so use a lot of Dragon, Steel, and Ice-type moves. Electric-type moves will murder her Gyarados and Kingdra. :)

What level does ryhorn?

In Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, Rhyhorn learns its two most powerful moves at level 52 (Earthquake) and 57 (Megahorn). It evolves into Rhydon starting at level 42.

Who is better gyarados or milotic?

Milotic is because it learns powerfull moves than gyarados