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These are some of the most popular MMO games: World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Runescape, Guild Wars 2, Gaia Online, Aion, Rift, Eve Online, Habbo Hotel.

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Q: What are the most popular MMO games?
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When was MMO Games Magazine created?

MMO Games Magazine was created in 2006.

When did MMO Games Magazine end?

MMO Games Magazine ended in 2007.

What is the best mmo?

The rage today about gaming beside FPS is the mmo. The most popular mmo is World of Warcraft, but this is losing customers due to the difficulty to "be the best." People have been setting their eyes to a new mmo called Rift, and others have already switched to DC Universe Online.

The Lich King is an expansion pack for what popular MMO franchise?

The Lich King is an expansion pack for the popular MMO franchise World of Warcraft. It is one of the largest MMO on the market and is played by millions of people.

Is World of Warcraft the most played game on earth?

Not even close. Runescape is the most popular MMO, I think. In video games all-together, it is even farther off. Super Mario Bros is still the most popular, best-selling video game of all time. It will probably be a long time before the king of video games is dethroned.

Is there a Zelda MMO?

The answer is yes, NickSYS Games is working on a 100% Free Zelda MMO titled "zOnline".

Where can one find online business games reviews?

One can find online business game reviews from IGN, GameStop and GameFly. One popular game called Business Tycoon, can also be found at MMO Den and MMO Huts.

What is the most difficult mmo?

Try all popular ones and choose that might work some people might disagree

Where can one play free MMO games?

There are many places one might play MMO (or better known as MMOG) games. The "Free MMORPG List" website or "MMO Bomb" websites would be a good place to begin.

Where can I find MMO games that are food based?

Pucca's Restaurant is an iPod game that simulates owning your own restaurant. Restaurant City is the most popular game of this type on Facebook but will be unfortunately shutting down at the end of June.

Can you download character files for MMO RPG games?


Are there any good MMO games for Mac?