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Call of the dead, convoy, hotel, zoo, and stockpile.

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Q: What are the maps on the escalation map pack?
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What are the new maps called on blackopps?

The newist maps are the ones in the escalation map pack and they are called zoo/convoy/stokpile/and/hotel

How do you get call of the dead for free on ps3?

Someone buys it for you for $15 and still you can only get the Escalation map pack that has Call of the Dead as one of the 5 maps. You can not get Call of The Dead without getting the Escalation map pack and it is sold for $15

How do you buy call of the dead for ps3?

You buy the Escalation map pack for $15 and get the Call of the Dead and 4 other maps

Is ps3 going to get free escalation map pack?

No that is a rumor of what someone wants to happen. PlayStation store will charge $15 for the escalation map pack

Is the Escalation map pack or First Strike map pack better on Call Of Duty Black Ops?

Most people would say escalation

How do you unlock shangra la in black ops?

you get the shangra la zombies map when you purchase the escalation map pack.

Can you play map pack escalation offline?


When is the call of duty black ops escalation map pack coming out for PS3?

Escalation map pack for PS3 is coming out June 7th.Your question has been answered.

Are mw2 maps in the mw3 map pack?

No, they will be brand new maps for the map pack!

What is a map pack in call of duty map pack?

a pack of maps

When is the second call of duty 5 map pack coming out?

the map pack is called Escalation and it is coming out soon (03.05.2011)

Does black ops escalation pack have call of the dead?

Yes Call of the Dead is part of the Escalation Map Pack for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3