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1. Critical

2. Semi critical

3. Noncritical

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Q: What are the levels of the disinfection?
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List three levels of desinfectant?

High, intermediate, and low are the three levels of disinfection. This is in the context of medical devices.

What are the levels of sterility and disinfection?

1. Critical 2. Semi critical 3. Noncritical

What process of using a cleansing technique to mechanically remove and reduce microorganisms and debris to safe levels is?


What is the destruction of pathogenic mircorganismsbut not their spores?


Define disinfection How does it differ from antisepsis?

Disinfection the process of destroying pathogenic organisms or rendering them inert. Disinfection differs from antisepsis in that its a method of disinfection using chemical solutions.

Process that destroys or kills pathogens?


Six common errors of disinfection?

list six common errors of disinfection

What is sterilization and disinfection and what are the methods for sterilization?

Sterilization is the complete removal of all microorganisms ( e.g: becteria, virsues,...etc) from the surface area of 'anything' While Disinfection is an in-complete removal of microorganisms from" inanimate or nonliving" objects. and has three distinctive levels. High level disinfection, intermediate level, and low level. Both sterilization and disinfection have chemical and physical methods. And since the question is about the methods of sterilization then there are: physical methods: Heating and radiation chemical methods: some chemicals like 'Etheline Dioxide', or by chemical evaporation.

Is SODIS a sterilization or a disinfection procedure?

Disinfection - it's a water treatment process to remove pathogens.

What is high level disinfection?

High level disinfection is when something is disinfected very well where there are no germs left.

What is the difference between sterilization and disinfection?

If refering to being clean, sterilization is preventing infection and disinfection is removing an existing contamination.

What is the strongest disinfection?

White cap