What are the ikariam cheats?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There are no cheats to the on-line game Ikariam.

While for the most part this is true there are a few tricks that are available in the game..

when attacking a vastly superior force there is a little known trick to use that will kill off a lot more troops then you lose..

With the new v3.2 battle system you are only allowed so many troops in the front line.. if you send in 7 waves of 1 hoplite each they will take the front line (the weakest troops take the front line first) of the attack and kill far more of the enemy then you loose in the round.. Since these troops are easy and quick to replace you can see how this would end up being very effective.

This can also be done for the air battle by sending in 1 balloon into the battle and ties up gyros killing off that one while you kill of 7-12 of your opponents balloons. do this until all the balloons are dead then just recall your gyros and your enemies gyros will be taken out of the fight.

Second Tip


Attacking people you have a cultural treaty with will normally made all your citizens REALLY angry and leave for 4hrs. there are 2 things you can do to counter this:

1 - Gear up enough troops to drop your population about 160 citizens (you are going to loose troops in the battle anyways and you can always release them after the 4 hrs and they will go back into your city as citizens again.

2 - The real trick.. Garrison on an alliance members town and attack from there with them hitting first.. Doing this will retain your cultural treaty in tack and your citizens will not get angry at you.

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Q: What are the ikariam cheats?
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