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The first one is ghost, then dark, the third one I'm not so sure but the fourth is fighting

You forgot the third one is psychic.

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ghost ,bug , somethiong spazzy and ditto.

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Q: What are the elite 4 Pokemon types in black?
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Should i have a all dragon team to defeat the elite 4 on Pokemon black?

No. You should figure out what Pokemon types they have and build your team around that.

Whose in the elite four in Pokemon Black?

In Pokémon Black, the Elite 4 is Grimsley, Shauntal, Caitlin and Marshal. Shauntal specializes in Ghost-types, Grimsley specailizes in Dark-types, Caitlin specializes in Psychic-types and Marshal specializes in Fighting-types.

What Pokemon cant you get in black but not white?

you could only get new Pokemon in black and white intill you beet the elite 4

Can you find Verizon after you defeat him Pokemon black?

yes, after defeating the elite 4.

How do you beat the elite 4 in Sinnoh?

You make all their Pokemon faint and you should vary the Pokemon to their weakness types

Is venesuar good against the Elite 4 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

not realy get diffrent types in leaf green to beat the elite four

How do you unlock the right of unova in Pokemon black?

Beat the elite 4 for the first time.

Where do you get rishiram in Pokemon black?

After you defeat the elite 4, You challenge the Champion and then you capture Reshiram.

What TM can you find in Pokemon black?

you can find it in pinwheel forest after beating the elite 4 (.)(.)

How get to black city in Pokemon black?

beat the elite 4 then beat N and then go to marvoulis bridge an yeah =)

Where to encounter reshiram in Pokemon black?

You catch Reshiram in N's castle after you have beaten the elite 4.

How do you become a hero in Pokemon black?

beat the elite 4 and you become oe in Ns castle