What are the duties of a cellarman?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Cellarman have been around for a very long the simplest terms they are given great trust to manage all beverage to optimum industry standards and support their venue manager achieve maximum returns with minimum expenditure.

This could mean that a cellarman may have to take on other tasks around the venue such as minor maintenance continue update their knowledge on equipment(eg glycol pump operations and maintenance, beer pump operations and maintenance keep up to date with new varieties that will affect his own venue sales and/or affect quality of other product due to special requirements that some new product need to have optimum pour.

providing support to all other mangers front of house service when required, set up rotational systems making best use of up to date industry knowledge and equipment and design procedures that even-out division of labour, set guidelines to ensure Safety of all stake-holders (Patrons and Fellow team mates),

Depending on Venue Size and Capacity a cellarman job is not defined to set amount of tasks.

A cellarman has a goal==cut down expense, improve profit margin===support Venue manager with training all other staff to aim for these 2 results

Keep In mind===Preventative style of operation is less costly then reactive

hope this helps

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Q: What are the duties of a cellarman?
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