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An RF engineer is a specialist radio frequency engineer. He or she would specialize in a field, such as design or installation. A BTS engineer is a broadcast engineer, who would have many of the same duties, but in the field of broadcasting.

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Q: What are the duties of RF engineer and BTS engineer?
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What is BTS engineer?

A Base Transceiver Station (BTS) Engineer serves an important part in the cellular network communication field. The BTS engineer handles cell site installation, development, and commissioning of the Mobile Station (MS) network.

Where can I find a job description for an RF engineer?

I found a good description of "what is an RF Engineer?" located here: If you are looking for a job as an RF Engineer, you can try going to

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What is the job description of an RF engineer?

An RF engineer's job description is many things. He is responsible for the design, implementation, and enhancement of wireless telecommunication networks.

What an RF Engineer Does?

If you've been looking for a good rf engineer job description, then here is something that you might find useful. An rf engineer is someone who works with devices that use radio frequencies. These devices may include but aren't limited to radios, mobile phones or broadcast equipment. An rf engineer may be tasked with designing, installing or maintaining any or all of these rf devices or related pieces of equipment. In a broadcast setting, an rf engineer will be primarily responsible for maintaining and perhaps installing sensitive transmission systems, including radio transmitters and antennas. This is a very important job.

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What exactly is an rf engineer's job description?

An RF engineer is a radio frequency engineer. Radio frequency engineers design radio components and other related devices. A bachelors degree in electrical engineering is recommended for people considering this job.

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Why you use feeder between BTS to GSM Antennae?

There may be something to this question that we're missing, but here's the answer to the obvious interpretation: The BTS equipment is typically housed either in a shelter (building) or else in a ground-mounted equipment cabinet. On the other hand, in order to achieve the design area coverage, the GSM antenna is typically on the roof or wall of a building, on a monopole, or on a tower, located several tens of meters above the ground level. The fundamental design of the entire system requires that the transmit RF from the BTS output be guided to the antenna, and also that the RF received by the antenna be guided for processing to the BTS receiver, both with as little RF loss as possible. The "feeder" ... also called 'transmission line' and implemented in either coaxial cable or waveguide ... is the means to accomplish the transfer of RF energy in both directions with low loss.

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