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to do effects on runescape simply type one of the following for example type wave: hi. then your hi will wave around above you. you can also do two effects at the same time for example wave:blue:





There are also effects..




They are pretty self explanatory. Just put one of those then your message..

there are more pplz -

flashx: x being either 1, 2 or 3 each have a different effect

glowx: same as flash but different effects

Basic colours

  • Red - Red colours the entered text red.
  • Purple - Purple colours the entered text purple.
  • Green - Green colours the entered text lime. Lime is a shade of green which is brighter and lighter than regular green.
  • Cyan* - Cyan colours the entered text cyan. Cyan is a shade of light blue similar to aqua. Note that "Blue:" will not work.
  • Yellow* - If "Yellow:Text" is entered, the text will appear as if the player hadn't used a text colour, as the default text colour is yellow. The "Yellow:" will be automatically removed.
  • White* - White colours the entered text white.

* Note that background colours were added to make light-coloured text easily visible, and will not appear in-game.

Multiple colours
  • Flash1 - Flash1 causes the text to flash rapidly between red and yellow eight times.
  • Flash2 - Flash2 causes the text to flash rapidly between cyan with black shading and blue with black shading eight times.
  • Flash3 - Flash3 causes the text to flash rapidly between regular green with black shading and a shade of light, pale green with black shading eight times.
  • Glow1 - Glow1 causes the text colour to fade slowly from red to orange to yellow to green to cyan.
  • Glow2 - Glow2 causes the text colour to fade slowly from red to pink to purple to blue to purple to pink to red.
  • Glow3 - Glow3 causes the text colour to fade slowly from white to light green to green to light green to white to cyan.


  • Wave - Wave moves the text in a wave motion as if the wave is coming from the left.
  • Wave2 - Wave2 moves the text in a wave motion as if the wave is coming from the left also, but unlike Wave, Wave2 moves the text slightly more horizontally, as opposed to more vertically like wave.
  • Scroll - Scroll moves the text from right to left across the screen. No matter how much text is typed, the text will appear for the same amount of time, so if more text is typed, the text will move faster. Is often used for advertising for "shops", or for telling a list of items the player is selling.
  • Slide - Slide slides the text downwards from out-of-sight to appear in the normal position in which text appears. It is also used a lot for advertising.
  • Shake - Shake moves the text for a second in a wave motion, then stops and flattens out and stands as normal for a second.
  • There is a chat effect that's a bit complicated. First, you do wave2: then alt0151 ten times, then a letter. repeat this until you have all the letters you want.
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Q: What are the different chat effects on RuneScape?
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