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the answers are for chapter one: WASSUP
chapter two: MASTER
chapter three: DIE HARD

You need to put the passwords in capitals
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Q: What are the codes to the sims trilogy on puffgames 2013?
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How do you find sims 3 registration codes?

Well, you could google it: sims 3 registration codes or something in that nature. That's what I do for Nintendogs game codes.

What are cheat codes for sims?

rosebud ; , ; , ; , ; , ; , (on and on)

What are the cheat codes for the sims social on facebook?

There are none

How do you get Naruto headbands on the sims 2?

cheat codes

How do you get a hot spa in the sims 2?

cheat codes

Are there any codes for clothes on Sims 2 castaway for PS2?

No there are not, but that would be cool. There is codes for it on PC

What is one of the codes for sims 2 double deluxe?

its sims 2 who likes it it has bad graphics and its boring sims 3 is better but when well sims 4 come

What is the code for sims 2 double deluxe?

There is actually multiple codes. There is one for each discs of the Sims

Can you buy money on the Sims 3?

yes.....go to google type in cheat codes for sims 3 and you will get how to do it.

When did the Sims 4 come out?

The sims 4 came out on May 6, 2013.

Why do I need an access code for The Sims Bustin' Out to make a Sims 2 movie?

All the sims stuff have access codes to them you should have had it inside the case. I did when i bought sims bustin out.

Codes for sims apartment pets?

type cash for $10,000