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Glumpcake Wallpaper: adventure

Wiggly Wallpaper: port

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Q: What are the codes to get wallpapers on Moshi Monsters?
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How do you get cool walls on Moshi Monsters?

To get cool wall on Moshi Monsters, you need to buy wallpaper. You can get wallpaper at Yukea, Horrods, Bizarre Bazaar, Paws 'n' Claws, and Bab's Boutique. You can also gets codes for some wallpapers in the Moshi Monsters Magazine and with other Moshi Monsters purchases.

Which code is for the weird wallpaper on Moshi Monsters?

There is a wide variety of wallpapers on Moshi Monsters, so it is difficult to know which one is considered to be the "weird" wallpaper. The are some wallpapers that you can get with Virtual Item codes that work for every member. Those are: Glumpcake Wallpaper: adventure Wiggly Wallpaper: port

What are some Moshi Monsters new cheat codes?

There are no cheat codes for Moshi Monsters. Cheating is not allowed on Moshi Monsters. Moshi Monsters does give out Secret Codes as part of the game. Watch the Daily Growl on Moshi Monsters for information about Secret Codes.

Are there any spaces in Moshi Monsters codes?

No, there are no spaces in Moshi Monsters codes.

How do you get walls on Moshi Monsters with codes?

There are only a few wallpapers available on Moshi Monsters with a code. Sometimes Moshi Monsters will offer a special code for wallpaper, but the code expires when the time runs out. For the Wiggly Wallpaper try the code: port. For the Glumpcake Wallpaper try the code: adventure.

How do you get a back ground code for Moshi Monsters?

You can not change the backgrounds on Moshi Monsters. You may, however, change the wallpaper in your room. You can buy all kinds of different wallpapers in Yukea, DIY, Paws 'n' Claws, Bizarre Bazaar, and Horrods. You can find codes for Moshi Monsters wallpaper in various places including Moshi Monsters Magazines. Two wallpaper codes are: Glumpcake Wallpaper: adventure Wiggly Wallpaper: port

Are there any cheats for Moshi Monsters?

There are no cheats for Moshi Monsters. However, Moshi Monsters offers ways to get Secret Codes. Secret Codes are available for many items on Moshi Monsters. You can get Secret Codes by purchasing Moshi Monsters items, in the Moshi Magazine, and in the Daily Growl.

Where can you buy christmas wallpapers and floors in moshi monsters?

moshi monsters has a twelve day of twistmas thingy.Type in moshigift and click on the tree

How do you get codes for Moshi Monsters?

Secret codes can be found in items such as Moshi Monsters books, Moshi Mash Up cards and other Moshi Monsters merchandise.

Where to get cool wallpapers for moshi monsters?

yukea, bizzar bizzar, horods

Why do you need secret codes for Moshi Monsters?

You do not need secret codes on Moshi Monsters. Secret codes are a way of getting items on Moshi Monsters. Codes are the only way to get those items. It is also a way for Moshi Monsters to give prizes to members.

Can you create a code for Moshi Monsters?

No. Only Moshi Monsters staff can create codes for Moshi Monsters.