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Q: What are the codes for petz horseshoe ranch?
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What are some codes to petz horseshoe ranch?

mannni fel4it

What are some input codes for petz horseshoe ranch?

CODE:wetpetmeadowchristaptcayesjt2nfdrgtvthrillhavfunall codes are positive to work. I have already tested them.

What are some cheat codes for petz Horseshoe Ranch on ds?

There are meadow, wetpet, tantan, cashii, netpet, havfun, and petpet

Is there a code for Petz Horseshoe Ranch that will unlock a new horse breed?

Yes!!! The codes are eitherMeadow or Yellow, so try either! Some other codes are Wetpet, and Christ. So, try both! I hope these are helpful, and good luck on your Petz Horsez Horseshoe Ranch, and I hope your horses grow!!! :-D

Are there any cheats for petz horseshoe ranch?

Yes, meadow, swindl, mkyzmi Goodbye

How do you reset petz puppyz and kittenz on D.S.?

i have petz horseshoe ranch,you restart it by presing L B X SELECT hope that helps :)

How do you tell the gender of your horse on petz horseshoe ranch?

since they are not real, you cannot tell genders.

Cheat codes for petz horseshoe ranch?


Codes for horseshoe ranch?

codes: swindle, nnetpet, wetpet, dgspak,queenq, spacec, yellow, meadow

What are cheats for petz horseshoe ranch?

These are some of the cheats i know: WETPET PETPET APPLEQ YELLOW MEADOW NETPET I know some others but i can`t remember the others Hope these help!

What are some Petz Monkeyz House Cheats?

there are way more i know. i just can't remember. when i do i will post em'these also work for horseshoe ranch, dogs pack and catz clan!

Cheat codes for horseshoe ranch?

mannni, fel4it, petpet, funpal, thrill, thirst, dr68jj, sadsi, hawaii, dgspak, dgsrck