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To get a code for these trading cards, buy them. Look on each card and they will have a code on them. You can find them at toys "R" us and get codes. Chase02 My brother says u have 1 pack and it has 1 code 4 all the codes!!!!! ( i dont believe himmm) Chanelle128. U might see me on CP

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Q: What are the codes for ancient power cards in Club Penguin?
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How do you get ice power cards for club penguin?

You have to buy cards with codes at wallmart or wherever. You can also get them in your starter pack.

What are some card jitsu power card codes?

Finding codes is taking the fast path. You can get special power card codes by purchasing Club Penguin trading cards in the store. When you buy a pack of trading cards, you'll get some unlock codes to enable special cards when you play Card-Jitsu online.

Where do you enter the power card code?

You enter it where you enter all your codes ( not book codes ) and then cards will be added to your penguin.

Codes for power cards in club penguin?

really you cant give out cards because people would have already have used them for them selves

What is the code for all the power cards on club penguin?

All the power cards come from packets, and the codes in each packet are different so no one can steal them just like memberships on cards. Unless you buy a bunch of packets you will not really get them.

How do you power cards on Club Penguin?

I HAVE POWER CARDS on Club Penguin and I NEVER lost ONE game of "CARD JIT-SU" I am a black belt AND I bought them

Where are the power cards in Club Penguin?

To get power cards, you must buy them in real life and activate a code.

In club penguin how do you get more power cards?

you have to buy the club penguin trading cards from America yo peace out

How do you submit power card codes in club penguin?

You enter secret codes. From books

How do you get power cards on Club Penguin?

well acctually you can get new cardswithout spending money all you need is membership then go inside the volcano and get your card jitsu fire cards and there new ones an there is a special one

How do you get power cards for card jistu fire?

You have to unlock codes from packets of cards.

How do you get the power cards for card-jitsu on club penguin WITHOUT buying them?

it is imposible to get power cards without buying them unless its the first power card.