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  1. Freeplay is for arcade
  2. practice is for training
  3. airbender is for Aang
  4. goingghost is for Danny Phantom
  5. wastland is for Aang's stage
  6. ghosttown is for Danny Phantom's stage
  7. lemurking is for king julien
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Q: What are the codes for Jingle Brawl on Nick?
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Codes for jimmy in jingle brawl?

there is no jimmy in jingle brawl

What are all the codes for jingle brawl?


What are the nick jingle brawl codes?

aing is air bender and king juilen is lemur king and Danny phantom is Danny phantoms

How do you get Danny on jingle brawl?

go ghost in codes

What is the code for Danny phantom on jingle brawl on nick?


What is the code for super brawl?

i dont know i only know the jingle brawl codes

WHATS THE CODE for sandy in jingle brawl on nick?

there is no code for sandy

What is Danny's code for jingle brawl on nick?

the answer practice is unlock training mode

How do you unlock all characters on jingle brawl on nick?

pass it your self cheaters

What are the codes to jingle brawl on nick?

Airbender for Aang, lemur king for King Julian, practice for training, freeplay for Arcade, wasteland for Wasteland,and Goingghost for Danny Phantom.

What are the codes on jingle brawl on nick?

1.lemurking=king julien 2.goingghost=danny phantom 3.airbender=aang all i know sorry :c

What is the code for Danny phantoms arena on jingle brawl?

dannys code is Danny phantom