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when you first start out you will be able to choose between rouge, fighter, and mage. as you go threw the game you will beable to get necromancer,ranger,dragonslayer,pirate and many more. most of the places will have a class to chose from but you have to complete the missions for that town to get the class

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Q: What are the classes in dragonfable?
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What does DA mean in dragonfable?

Dragon Amulet. It'd Dragonfable's membership.

On dragonfable how do you be a necromancer?

Finish all quests up to Noxus Fumes, then go to more classes and its there.

What other classes can mages turn into on dragonfable?

You can turn into any of the other class (bar the other base classes, and base class Dragon versions)

How do you become a dragon slayer in dragonfable?

First go to the where is ice then you find galanoth click on classes there you go

Do you become a necromancer in dragonfable?

yes finish the darkness orb quest and talk to artix click other classes then click become a necromancer. H7

Cheats for dragonfable?

there are no cheats in dragonfable

Where is kaya city in dragonfable?

Are you sure you're asking for it in Dragonfable? Because there is no Kaya City in Dragonfable.

Is dragonfable better than the RuneScape?


Were can you find a Dragonfable SWF?

At the dragonfable Website

Why do you need dragon amulet for classes?

There are multi DA only classes in Dragonfable such as Dragonlord, but DA owners can also gain more skills on ingame armors such as Soulweaver has half of it's skills (the best half) accessible only by a DA owner.

What is the secret Behind DragonFable?

There is no secret behind DragonFable.

How do you hit higher with your dragon in dragonfable?

dragonfable code