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Yes, there are, but they are risky. I've heard of one that you do by altering the .sol file, I personally think it's too much trouble, the one I use is the "right click" one. to gain powerful items and valuable exp, go to any fight, and right click. There will be a Forward option, click it. Keep clicking it until you reach two wasps, one of which will be called "Other Thing." Click it once more and you will see the screen go dark, this is good. It means that if you click it one more time, you will INSTANTLY WIN THE FIGHT. This always gives a mere 75 Exp, but if you are just starting the game this will make it incredibly easy to gain levels, plus, after a few times you get "Fallen Shield" and "Fallen Sword" items that are ONLY accessible at the end of the game, in the hardest portal!

Improve youre cheats carefully before you will post in internet explorer!!!!!!!

theres is an easier way to lvl up. first u do the "right click" thing until u reach a shadow reaper. if u kill it u get good 4 u. if u die right click back until u reach the page where u get xp. u will get 700xp and some money. also if u lvl up, hit continue and chose a stat u want to lvl up, hit continue again and use a skill point. then hit right click back until u reach the page were u get xp. the reamaining xp u should have gotten will double!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After doing the above, right click back and keep going till you reach the lvl up page. each time u got back u will gain a lvl. Once you get to the point where you don't lvl up each time, keep going back until you cycle back to the shadow reaper. Do this again.

A quick way to get money is to go to the leaf guy and get full leaves. then do the forward thing until you arrive at the lady. Somehow, all the characters in previous rooms follow you, so the leaf guy is five feet away.

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Q: What are the cheats for sinjid shadow of the warrior?
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