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needashell - Reserve box holds a green shell

needaredshell - Reserve box holds a red shell

needablueshell - Reserve box holds a blue shell

needayellowshell - Reserve box holds a yellow shell

needaturnip - Reserve box holds a turnip. Who needs this?

needa1up - Reserve box holds a 1-UP. Better use moneytree.

needamushroom - Reserve box holds a Super Mushroom.

needaflower - Reserve box holds a Fire Flower.

needaleaf - Reserve box holds a Super Leaf.

needanegg - Reserve box holds an egg with no contents.

needaplant - Reserve box holds Toothy, a plant that can smash through bricks and defeat enemies.

needagun - Reserve box holds the Billy Gun.

needaswitch - Reserve box holds a P-Switch.

needabomb - Reserve box holds a SMB2 Bomb.

needashoe - Reserve box holds a Kuribo's Shoe

itsamemario - Changes Player into Mario.

itsameluigi - Changes Player into Luigi.

supermario128 - Clones Player 128 times.

supermario64 - Clones Player 64 times.

supermario32 - Clones Player 32 times.

supermario16 - Clones Player 16 times. SNES go!

supermario8 - Clones Player 8 times.

supermario4 - Clones Player 4 times.

supermario2 - Mario and Luigi appear. Push Down And The Drop Item Button To Switch From Mario To Luigi.

1player - Enables 1-Player Mode.

2player - Enables 2-Player Mode.

bombsaway - Spawns a bomb in Reserve Box.

firemissiles - Spawns a Bullet Bill.

greenegg - Spawns an egg with a Green Yoshi.

blueegg - Spawns an egg with a Blue Yoshi.

yellowegg - Spawns an egg with a Yellow Yoshi.

redegg - Spawns an egg with a Red Yoshi.

blackegg - Spawns an egg with a Black Yoshi.

purpleegg - Spawns an egg with a Purple Yoshi

pinkegg - Spawns an egg with a Pink Yoshi

stickyfingers - With this, you can grab and hold any NPC.

donthurtme - This enables invincibility, although you can still fall off of edges.

framerate - Works like Framerate code. Shows the current Framerate.

speeddemon - The game's Frames go as fast as possible, so the entire level's events happen faster.

shadowstar - Makes the Player Pitch-Black. Allows the Player to walk through walls.

hammerinmypants - Spawns a Friendly Hammer Brother in your hands.

wariotime - Turns NPCs into Coins.

stophittingme - Hits you.

boingyboing - Gives you a Trampoline.

ahippinandahoppin - Allows infinite jumping.

wingman - If you have leaf, you have P-Wing. (Infinite Flight.)

captainn - With pause key you can stop time like a clock. (Does not work if pause key is Esc.)

moneytree - Gives you infinite coins. LIFES!

flamethrower - If you have a Flower or Hammer Suit, it allows you to do Autofire when holding the run button.

sonicstooslow - This enables faster running.

Imtiredofallthiswalking - Opens all paths on World Map.

anothercastle - Changes you to Toad.

illparkwhereiwant - Lets you walk around the world map freely.

donttypethis - A rain of bombs pour down and explode.

wetwater - Turns the Whole Level into an Underwater one and changes the Music.

iamerror - Changes the Player into Link.

(Censored) - Lets you save after Cheating.

(Censored) Opens all locked Doors automatically.

needaniceflower - An Ice Flower spawns in the Reserve Box.

iceage - Freezes all Enemies on Screen as long as they aren't immune to Ice.

upandout - Gives you a Propeller Block.

burnthehousedown - Spawns a Heli Flamethrower in your hands.

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Q: What are the cheat codes for Super Mario Bros. x?
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What are some cheat codes for new super Mario bros Wii?

There are no cheat codes.

How can you stay invincible Mario forever on new super Mario bros?

Cheat codes

Can you be others than Mario on single player in new super Mario bros wii?

Not without using cheat codes.

How do you put cheat codes for new super Mario bros ds?

There is no built-in way to add cheat codes for New Super Mario Bros, but you can buy an Action Replay DS Hacking Device for $20 and add cheat codes for almost any DS game. I added a link to the Action Replay website as well as some codes you can use for it once you get it.

Super smash bros brawl cheat codes?

There are no cheat codes for brawl.

What is the invincibility cheat code for new super Mario bros Wii?

there are no invesable cheat codes watever There's codes... And that's not how you spell "Invincibal"... I think I spelled that wrong...

Are there any cheat codes for New Super Mario Bros without an action replay?

Yes! There is: Play as Luigi and Challenge mode.

Is there a cheat to get 99 lives on new super Mario bros?


What is the code for lava in New Super Mario bros?

There are no codes for anything onNew Super Mario bros. Wii but I'm sure there are also no codes on the DS...if there was one, try these:BowserBoxerSuperSmash115368857357909128734cheatmaster

Where do you put in cheat codes on new super Mario bros Wii?

Im Sorry. I Was Looking For Every Site For New Super Mario Bros Wii. Cheat Codes, But I Think They Really Dont Have Cheat Code What So Ever. Like I Wish They Made A Game Lot More Easier .... Yes, yes there's codes. But I forgot the link, but look it up on youtube hellooooo... Youtube has a lot of stuff that helps.

How do you do the flying cheat in new Super Mario Bros?

you have to have a action replay

How do you get to the negative world on new Super Mario Brothers?

You actually can't. You can only do this cheat in the ORIGINAL Super Mario Bros.