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Sundays codes are:


type abc to get the points


type abc to get the points

Dierks Bentley-ari or type Arizona

Keith Urban-ran or type the ranch

Martinia McBride-yog or type yoga

Trace Adkins-app or type the apprentice

Bonus Codes

Brad Paisley-let

Carrie Underwood-hea

Darrius Rucker-cap

Dierks Bentley-dri or type drifter

Keith Urban-sun(thanks CAT)

Kenny Chesney-bli or type blink

Martina McBride-lau(thanks LindaB)

Scavenger Hunt

Kenny Chesney-no or type no problem

Leann Rimes-str or type strangers

Little Big Town-boo or type boondocks

Martina McBride-con or type concrete

Miranda Lambert-gun or type gunpowder

Montgomery Gentry-luc or type lucky

Patty Loveless-sle or type sleepless

Rascal Flatts-eve or type everyday

Taylor Swift Bonus Code-gui or type guitar

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Q: What are the bonus codes on gac superfan?
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