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eu que quero saber

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Q: What are the bonus codes for Micro Machines v4?
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Do you have the shop codes v4 and v5 tamagotchi?

Go to: and there are shop codes for V4. But none for V5, so you can email the website creator at:

Where do you find the password for tamagotchi v4?

You can find codes in the CODES section of the Tanamasters website. (see related link)

Are there any tekken 5 codes you can put on ps2 xploder v4?

no,cant put codes,must do it manualy

Where can you find tamagotchi v4 codes?

Well, you could go on Type in tamagotchi cheat codes, and a whole bunch of codes appear

Can you use psx gameshark codes on psx xploder v4?

equalizer, action replay and gameshark codes all work

What are the tamagotchi v4 cheats?

There are no cheats for the toy, but there is one for the website. Go to the food court, click on Tama Burger, and as soon as Kuchipatchi flips the first ingredient, exit the game. Now go and play Tama Pizza, and make four or more pizzas. When you get the Gotchi points at the end, keep clicking on the play again button to get more and more points until you have the limit. If you are looking for general codes for your V4 toy, search shop codes or ask what the bonus passwords are.

Are there any codes for V4 tamagotchi's?

There are two codes for V4 and V4.5 Tamagotchis that work on any toy, no matter what your user name is. However, you can only use these once, so don't trash or give away these items! :( Playhouse: 40690 89391 Slide: 52815 99088 Use these passwords in the password shop of the Games section in your V4 toy. These items are for free. Enjoy!

Write short notes on cyclic codes?

v1 to v2 to v3 to v4 to v5 again its v5 to v1 the cycle continues

Does anybody know tamagotchi v4 cheats?

Yes I do know lots of Tamagotchi V4 cheat codes! Its in lots of websites. Here's the link for it! Just click this link! Hope the website helps! =]

What is a BMW V4?

There is no such thing as a BMW V4.

Which version of tamagotchi is best?

V4 or V5. I really like V4 better than V6. I prefer V4. V4 has the most to do besides V5.

On my tamagotchi v4 in the shop I press a a few times the tamagotchi's eyes widen what code is it I have lost the manual?

Its not a code. Its showing that you can now put in the codes.