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Weapons: Legendary Terminal Calculation for both arms (or legendary angelic wand type in cheat mode)

Legendary terrifying visage

Legendary ancestral footsteps (can be sold for 11 million gp when identified ) (boots)

Legendary enduring victory (body armour)

Legendary ironband (belt)

just increase your duel wielding skill to the highest it can be and indentify all.

Have Fun! :)


The best Fate: the traitor soul weapons and armor are:

Legendary elphame boots

Legendary elphame shield

Legendary elphame helm

Legendary elphame belt

Legendary Elphame armor

Legendary elphame sword/Legendary cyber sword

ctrl, shift, ~ then enter one of the items above ;)

Cheats are:

$500,000= gold

10 levels higher and 8 for your pet= god NOTE: only for Fate 1 & 2 NOT 3 OR 4

Levelup= added 1 level higher ea.

fate statue= fate statue appears

shrine of learning=shrine of learning appears

magic anvil=magic anvil appears

Health= portion of health

Ascend #= raise # of levels in the dungeon

descend #= go # of levels deeper to the dungeon.

levelup # (number of levels u want to go up. if you go too high, it will go really slow) NOTE: THIS CHEAT ONLY FOR FATE 3

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mk12. its the best single shot rounds

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Q: What are the best weapons in fate the game?
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What are good weapons in the fate game?

i would say that the best weapons in the game are the artifact weapons they do more damage than a mormal or even unique items

Is wanted weapons of fate available for ps2?

no it is a PS3 PC and Xbox360 game

Does the video game wanted weapons of fate just 1 player?


What is the best fish in game fate?

Flawless Ruffy/Flawless luminette, although it is a matter of opinion, and your style of gameplay. This applies to armor weapons and spells as well.

What is are the best weapons on Fate?

legendary terminal calculation or legendary angelic wand

What is the best weapon in the game fate?

the best weapon is a bow and arrow

What is the best gear in fate?

The best gear in fate is the Legendary Elphame armor. The best weapon for the online game is the Legendary Elphame sword.

What are the best gloves in fate the game?

Legendary the Raker

What are the best robes in fate the game?

The legendary master's robe is THE BEST robe on fate. Legendary Master's Robe: 399 def

Is there going to be a beast quest game?

There already is it is called Fate 2, The best game with quests ever made. Just google Fate 2 and you will find it

What is the best staff in fate the PC game?

Legendary Warlock's staff

What are the weapons in fate the game?

Fate's weapons consists of three different types, based on what kind of damage they do. They are:PiercingSlashingCrushingThese can also be divided into the different weapons themselves.PiercingBowsPikesSlashingSwordsPolearmsAxesCrushingMaces/ClubsStaffsThe amount of damage you do and your attack speed vary greatly depending on what weapon(s) you use, since different monsters have different weaknesses / resistances to certain weapons types.Also, only bows / crossbows do ranged damage. All other weapons are melee in nature.