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I'd usually go to Quest for Moonglow (pumpkin site outside Amityvale or the quest from the weapon shop near Thursday for shortcut). The monsters there have low HP, and having a Light weapon is highly recommended for quicker farming. Don't keep the Moonglow rewards tho, they're just cheap waste.

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Give it to me and i lvl it easy trust me if i do take wat ever you've got ill give you my lvl 60 da character.

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Q: What are the best exp farming quests for someone whose level 22 in Dragon fable?
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Where can you get ancient treasure in Dragon Fable?

from doing zooms quests

Where are the dragon eggs in dragon fable?

in dragon fable go to Twilly and click on dragon egg saga do all the quests get a dragon amulet and there you go pick your egg and you have a dragon

Are there any quests in ravenloss in Dragon Fable?

There are now 5-6 quests in ravenloss but there were none before.

How do you become galonoth a friend in Dragon Fable?

go to his quests and then it will unlock it

How do you use your big dragon out of dragon amulet quests on Dragon Fable?

in both battleon and dragon fable the guardian dragon is a random special attack that deals around 99 to a little over a 100

What is a easy way for you to feed your dragon in Dragon Fable?

Getting the member only chow thing of quests.

What do you do to get a dragon on dragon fable?

you have to go thought a serise of quests and complet each one on less you buy a dragon amulet

Do have to have a dragon amulet to be a necromancer on Dragon Fable?

nope. Just finish all of Artix's quests and then you can become a necromancer.

How do you get a crystal blue amulet in Dragon Fable?

in sword heaven quests near the guards

How do you get a charged cog in Dragon Fable?

Complete one of the first few quests in the Popsprocket quest chain.

How do you own dragons in Dragon Fable?

You have to complete a number of quests in your starting story until you get to the end.

How do you get the quest full darkness in Dragon Fable?

you do the quest of course you'll need to do the orb saga and the quests