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There are several bad effects and to name few are complete loss of patience,highly irritable nature,lack of exercise,eyesight problems and in advanced stages you start timing your regular chores and end up doing incomplete work thus reducing your efficiency.

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Q: What are the bad effects of playing computer games?
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Is playing computer games bad or good?


What are the effects of computer games in the youth ages12-18 years old please answer?

Computer games have different effects on youth ages. Some children can become even smarter while playing different video games and as far as negative effects, there are some cases where children could become anti-social or develop bad behavior. The best thing to do is monitor the time that the children spend on the computer.

Are computer games were bad for computers?

Interesting question...Unless you beat your computer with a stick after playing a PC game which was too slow and your computer kept on freezing up a couple of times. Computer games are not bad, nor do they make any harm to your PC, except taking up your RAM memory and hard driver space, once you install it and start playing. If computer games, which are mere software applications, were bad, then all the created software for your PC would be bad and that is absolute nonsense.

Are download games like combat arms and wolf team etc bad for your computer?

Not all games are bad for your computer,only some games are,combat arms is not bad for your computer.

What are the good and bad effects of the computer to the youth?

The good effects are related to us. It made our society much more efficient by allowing programs and games, making our society more fun, easier, and faster. The bad effects are pollution. Computers run on electricity, adding to pollution. So shut off this computer, dude!

Are online games bad for your computer?


What are the effects of computer privacy?

the effects on computar privacy is bad head will be kut of ya digg

How is playing the computer in the dark bad for your eyes?


Are computer games bad for the brain?

The effects of computer games or video games on the brainPlaying computer games or video games could make you get addicted; even if you play once.Your brain can get tired if you play computer games. In other words, it means you can get mentally lazy.Video games, even ones that are brain training, can waste a lot of your time from doing other activities such as reading a book or going outside to play.Video games and computer games on any site, regardless of what it looks or how fun it is, can be very dangerous for teens of any age.Brain damage is most of these causes due to games.

Are computer games more good than bad?

flash computer games that are found on the web are usally good so are the computer games that are on disks like halo and all the star wars/trek games.

Computer games cause bad behavior and voilence?

no it does not cause bad behaviour or voilence it is just an excuse. like that man who killed someone and went on a rampage after sitting on the xbox 360 playing gta 4 for 2 day non stop.

Will playing video games in a dark room damage your eye?

Yes, it is bad for your eyes. This is because the bright light against the dark can damage the blood cells in your capillaries (like veins in your eyes). ok thank you. what if i play with the light on