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Labor Day 9/7/09 Clue: What the pilots created when they sprayed the picnic area.

Answer: Choke, felon, oxygen, fizzle, and a "NO-FLY" ZONE.

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Q: What are the answers to Labor Day 2009 jumble?
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What day is Labor Day in 2009?

In the US and Canada the labor day in 2009 is on 7th September.

When are Easter and Labor Day for 2009?

Easter is April 12, 2009. Labor Day is September 7, 2009.

What day is Labor Day 2009?

Monday, September 7. Labor Day always falls on the first Monday of September.

Jumble by Henri Arnold and Mike Argirion answers to daily newspaper jumble?


When is Labor Day in 2009?

Monday, September 7

What is the date of Labor Day 2009?

The First Monday in September

Is battlefield mall open on Labor Day 2009?

Yes it was

Are you open on Labor Day?

WikiAnswers / Answers is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

What is the 4 word jumble answer for these letters ooptutmsuefli Clue is The jumble creators usually call it a day when they?

Daily Jumble 6/12/15: The Jumble creators usually call it a day when they... Answer: "PUN" OUT OF STEAM (oomph, truth, misuse, finale)

What are the release dates for Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon - 1966 2009-09-07?

Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon - 1966 2009-09-07 was released on: USA: 7 September 2009

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The cast of Labor Day - 2009 includes: Devin Bone as Peter Schular Dan Dewey as Jake Schular Lindsey Keine as Kaitlyn Cook Jess Mondine as Exgirlfriend Joel Vejendla as Tobi Mahapatra

What are some 2009 bank holidays?

2009 bank holidays are no different than any other year. Christmas, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, and Independence Day are all bank holidays.