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1) Jean Baptiste Colbeir

2) Maria Theresa

3) Frederick

4) Versailles

5) Peter the Great

6) Seven Years War

7) Hohenzollern

8) Hall Of Mirrors

9) Romanov

10) Habsburg

11) Jean Baptiste Vivien

12) Catholic

13) Mona Lisa

14) Louis

15) Jean Baptiste Lully

16) Moliere

17) Marquise Maintenon

18) Pierre Corneille

19) Anne

20) Jules Mazarin

21) Bourbon

22) Frederick the Great

23) Philip

24) The Sun King

*Capitalization Not necessary.

Hope it helps :). I spent all night looking for these answers, and I don't want any of you to do the same!

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Q: What are the answers to 30 the age of absolute monarchs crossword?
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