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C. perfidy : fidelity :: cacophony : euphony: A and B are opposites. Negative then positive.

D. hexahedron : hexagon :: cube : square: Rectilinear sold A vs. rectilinear plane figure B.

A. vulpine : porcine :: clever : gluttonous: Left terms are synonyms, as are right terms.

B. saturnine : vivacious :: apathy : empathy: Negative emotion word A vs. positive emotion word B..

D. omniscience : prescience :: all-knowing : foreknowledge: Right terms define left terms. Omniscience means all-knowing as prescience means foreknowledge.

D. crystalline : amorphous :: glorious : ignominious: A and B are opposites. Adjective vs. adjective.

A. infidel : monotheist :: diffident : confident: A and B are antonyms. Absence of faith in something vs. faith in something. The left term refers to faith in God; the right terms refer to faith in oneself.

B. platyhelminthes : platypus :: worm : marsupial: Right terms categorize left terms. Left terms are subcategories of right terms.

A. colloquy : loquacious :: somnambulism : ambulatory: Adjective B refers to a quality inherent in noun A.

B. heterodox : orthodox :: divergence : adherence: A is a condition characterized by multiplicity as B is a condition characterized by conformity.

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Q: What are the answers for the word within a word analogies 9?
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