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you can use X box controllers on will

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Q: What are the advantages of game console controllers?
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Will my GameCube controllers from my GameCube fit into the Wii console or are they special controllers?

Your Game Cube controllers are designed to work wit your Wii.

When is sims 3 coming out on any game console?

It is not, due to the lack of buttons on Game controllers.

Are there universal computer game controllers?

No they are almost always designed for one console only.

Which one way in which using infrared in game console controllers could affect the experience of the person playing the game?

It must affect their

If you were to sell an Mountain Dew limited edition XBox how much could you make?

here are ranges of prices of what you have just the console-$150 console with controllers-$180 console with md controllers-$220 console with 1-3 games-$175 console with 1-3 games and controllers-$210 all of these prices are with the cables

Are there any virtual console games that don't require a classic controller?

Hey. No, you can't play any virtual console games without a ** classic controller ** because the old systems didn't have wireless.** instead of classic controllers you can use game cube controllers **

How many Xbox controllers can you use at once?

Four controllers can be connected either wired or wirelessly to one console. Each console can only support up to four or fewer controllers at one time.

What accessories are most useful for an Xbox 360 game console?

Many people who buy an Xbox 360 game console choose to buy various accessories, including extra controllers, headsets and microphones, and batteries and chargers.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of console gaming compared to PC gaming?

Some advantages of console gaming is that every game you buy for a console will work on a console unlike PC gaming. It is also easy to set up and connect to your TV and fits nicely in your hand.

Does the Australian Wii controllers work on the UK Wii console?

Wii controllers or remotes are not country or region locked. You can use controller from any country with any console.

What kind of console is Xbox 360 Elite?

The XBox 360 Elite is a game console with wireless controllers. It was launched in August 2007 and later discontinued in June 2010, after a series of price cuts.

Advantages of a game console?

One advantage a game console has over a PC is that game consoles are less prone to expensive repairs. Another advantage is the number of games you're able to play.