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To get Rocky you need:

Pink Crazy daisy

Any Love berries

Any Hot silly peppers

To get Liberty you need:

Black Love berries

Red Love berries

Any Love berries

To get Mini Ben you need:

3x Black Snap apple

To get Cleo you need:

Blue Crazy daisy

Pink Crazy daisy

Yellow Snap apple

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Q: What are the Worldies Moshling codes?
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How do you get the Piramide moshling?

This is part of the Worldies collection, the Moshling is called Cleo.

How do you get the worldies?

get the cheat book or go on moshling cheats

Where do you find mini Ben in moshling zoo?

at the back of the zoo where the worldies are

Who made Liberty the Moshling in the Create a Moshling contest on Moshi Monsters?

Liberty is a Moshling in the Worldies set that was created by Chaowzee in the Create a Moshling contest on Moshi Monsters.

How long does it take to get the mini ben the moshling?

on moshling zoo you fully upgrade your worldies house and go to east grumbl e then wait at foggy tower and do what he wants

How do you get Big Ben the moshling on Moshi Monsters?

You can not get a moshling called Big Ben on Moshi Monsters.However, there is a moshling call Mini Ben that you can get.097 *Mini Ben the Teeny TickTock [Worldies] 3 Black Snap Apples

What are the types of moshling?

beasties birdies dinos kitties fluffies fishies foodies worldies spookies puppies ponies and ninjas

What moshling does blue crazy daisy pink crazy daisy yellow snap apple tree get?

Cleo the pyramid she is one of the worldies

Why don't the codes work for Boomer the moshling on Moshi Monsters?

The codes for Boomer the moshling on Moshi Monsters have expired.

What are the foodies moshling codes?


How do you get the clock moshling?

The clock Moshling is Mini Ben, part of the Worldies collection. To attract Moshlings you need to plant three seeds in your garden. You buy seeds from the stand on Main Street or at the Port. Each Moshling has a different combination so you need to work out the correct combination to attract the Moshling that you want. Keep planting seeds until you work it out!

What is the code for moshling teddies?

You get moshling teddies from getting the real teddies in the stores. They carry the codes on them.