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I've tried all of the codes, and i cant seem to get them to work, other than that, i'd suggest using walkthroughs.

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Q: What are the Pokemon Crystal cheats for VBA?
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Pokemon Crystal cheats for vba?


Where can you find all the cheats for Pokemon emerald VBA?


How do you put cheats on for Pokemon LeafGreen on vba?

Go to Cheats -> Cheat list... -> Gameshark... and then type in the code.

In Pokemon FireRed where and how do you type in cheats please be specific?

Depends... If you are on vba cheats but GBA i don't have a clue...

Where are the gameshark codes for vba rom of Pokemon silver?

Go to to find gold, silver, and crystal cheats. &

Are there cheats for pokemon crystal?


How do you use of gameshark Pokemon leaf green cheats for PC by VBA?

You don't.whatyou don't

What are some Pokemon Battlefire cheats for Gameshark?

I'm assuming that is a hack/fake game in the VBA. If so they're no cheats for it!

How do you catch a Flaafy in Pokemon Crystal?

you cant....unless you use gameshark on vba emulator

How do you encounter a MissingNo in Pokemon Crystal?

just add gameshark or codebraker codes or vba

When i put Pokemon cheats in gameshark in vba my game restarts in ruby?

haha lol fail

What is the cheat for lot of master balls cheats for Pokemon ruby vba?

well you can make a Pokemon hold a master ball and clone Pokemon