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Broken mop - Borrow money

Kyle - Tell

It's bathroom - women's

Joe's birthday - Talk to him

Easter Mascot - Beat him up

Errand boy:

Coffee - Don't care

Golf - Leave it

Shopping - A-wing

Band spot - Parking spot

Donuts - Vanilla

Supplies manager:

Pen - Deliver

Vinh's challenge - Accept

Tired - Vinh takes over

Supply counting - Count the pens

Brandan's cups - Let it slide

Cubicle hand:


Meeting - Jazz

Danny - Whoop his ass

T-shirt - Draw by hand

Anniversary - Meaningful

Computer Management Assistant:

Office Party - Scream at their faces

CD cover - Wacky unicorn cover

Guild rivalry - tournament

Pranks - Dylan

Cruise - Boat 2

Business supervisor:

Virus - Anti-Virus Software

Karaoke - Old school

Photocopy incident - Fire them

Rock band contest - Join

Late for meeting - be honest

Trophy employee:

Kyle's revenge - Speech

Restaurant - East Indian Food

Lucky club - Brunette

Sexy daughter - Ask her

Vice president:

Expanding the office - Side with Kev and Rich

Freak accident - Refuse to answer

Paintball - Wait for back-up

Science department - No

Kyle's second revenge - He's bluffing


Personal typewriter - Dave

Brad Errat - Nice negotiator

Big boss:

Secretary - Cheryl

Dustin - Give him a chance

Charity - Music festival

Big boss golf - Special game offer

Jazzy Jack - Refuse

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Q: What are the Pico Sim Date 2 work answers?
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