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Some gamertags like Zerkaa are?

1. Zerkaa56

2. Zerkeeee

3. ZerkaaHDDD

4. Zerkaa67

5. Zerkaa35

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Q: What are some xbox gamertags like zerkaa?
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EliteSyndicate or ProSyndicate?

What are some good Xbox 360 Gamertags?

ghostXx Warrior

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What is Zerkaa's gamer picture on Xbox Live?

a unknown creature playing tennis i believe

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Who is one of the best quick scopers on Cod6?

Some of the best are zzGrizz and Razz_ZaniTa, also Zerkaa and Razz_Color top 10 are: 1) Razz_ZaniTa (PS3) 2) zzirGrizz (XBOX) 3)FaZe Mala (XBOX) 4)Plan_Scapiii (PS3) 5)Razz_Color (PS3) 6)Zerkaa (XBOX) 7)FaZe WillyG (XBOX) 8)OpTic DTreats (XBOX) 9)FaZe Temperrr (XBOX) 10)fluffbunny154 (PS3)

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You cannot

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Freshmehn OpTic H3CZ TheIMightyHutch z0mg Its Hutch Siik Siinz xJawz unLimited Uav Mr Sark Hollywood Angles Blame Truth Seannanners

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i love mattg <3 but... he doesnt give out any gamertags

Im lookin for an xbox 1 sniping trickshotting clan that has a utube channel with at least 500 subs I also want it to be a clan with gamertags like Sniping King not just some random name like xProKidx?

You can look for an XBox 1 Sniping Trickshotting on Amazon. This didnt answer my question at all^^^ Someone improve that answer

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Unfortunately if you do not have XBOX Live, yes. Sorry. My XBOX Live GamerTags if you have any questions: AarHornfdV, ChillaKartoffel.