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  • Kick
  • King (if the king is coming and you want to warn everyone)
  • King me! (if you were playing checkers)
  • Kaboom!
  • "Kill him!" (this would be shouted by the bad guy in a movie)
  • Kabam!
  • Kid! (if a kid is going to get hit by a car)
  • Kangaroo! (this would be shouted if your friend was wandering around and you saw a kangaroo behind him that looked like it might kick if your friend got any closer)
  • Kick-ass
  • Kack! (If you believe that Cack is spelled Kack... ;L) (or if you think that either of those are really in the English language and someone is arguing with you about it)
  • Katie! (when Katie does something wrong)
  • Killtacular! (medals you get in some games, like Halo)
  • Kick it! (at a soccer game) Keep going! (sporting events) Keep it up! (sporting events)
  • "Killer bees/clowns/tomatoes...!"
  • Kilimanjaroooooooooo! (if you just climbed it and you are feeling triumphant)
  • Kris (when Kris is doing something wrong)
  • Kite! Come back! (when your kite is flying away)
  • Kitty! (when your cat is scratching the furniture)
  • Kitten
  • Kitchen
  • Kevin
  • Kickboxing
  • Kangaroo
  • Keep it up!
  • Knock 'em out!
  • Keep going!
  • Knock 'em down
  • Kick it!
  • Killer
  • "King Kong has escaped, run!"
  • Kiss!
  • Kill!
  • Kiss me!
  • Knock it off!
  • Kiss my ***!
  • "Kiai", which is used in karate to give force to an attack.
  • Keep out
  • I'm not sure but I think KOOKY is one shout out
  • Something that you shout starting with k is...KLEENEX...KAKAKAKA KLEENEX!!
  • kill him (the would be shouted by a bad guy in a movie)
  • KOALAS!!!!
  • Kill it!
  • Kaboom!
  • kick it!
  • kids! Come for lunch!
  • Knock out!
  • Kate!
  • "Killer bees, run for your lives!"
  • "Kansas City, here we come!"
  • kid where are u
  • "Kill them all!"
  • Krimany!
  • krap
  • Kamakazi
  • KO!
  • Keep going!!
  • Keep it up!!
  • Kudos
  • kickoff!
  • Keep trying!
  • you can shout "Kool"! i guess.
  • One word you would shout that starts with k is kangaroo if a rabid kangaroo was coming to beat up your friend and you had to warn them before it was too late.
  • If the killers are chasing you through the house, and your partner isn't sure where to run, you might yell "Kitchen" (because, of course, that's where the big knives and the back door are).
  • If you both run into the kitchen, but one of the killers is already there, you might yell "Knife!" so that your partner sees it and doesn't get killed.
  • If your partner dodges the knife, does a double backflip, kills the intruder, and the mask comes off and you realize it is your best friend, you might yell "Karen" with heartbroken intensity.
  • If you are almost to the back door and your partner pulls off his mask and starts yelling at you about how you tricked him into killing Karen, who he has been secretly in love with for 9 years, and his yelling attracts the other killer, who shoots your partner and breaks both your legs, leaving you there to bleed to death on the floor of the kitchen, you might yell "Karma!" ... but it will probably come out as a weak whisper.
  • If your neighbor the EMT calls the police when he heard the gunshots and they capture the killer and your neighbor stops the bleeding, you might yell "kindness" on your way to the hospital. I hope you live.
  • K bye
  • kick it (soccer)
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Q: What are some words you shout that begin with the letter K?
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