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rage, huge, ridge, bridge

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Q: What are some words with the letters GE at the end?
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What are some 4 letter words ending in ge?

page, rage, wage, urge

What are some words ending in dge and ge?

ledge, lodge,dodge,fudge,edge,rage,ridge,gage,garage,saige,fridge,

What are all the words have the letters ce and ge at the end of them and that you can add the words able ous please?

Words ending in ce: * ace * brace * bounce * chance * choice * dice * fleece * force * glance * mice * prince * race * source * trace * voice Words ending in ge: * age * bandage * bridge * badge * college * cage * courage * drudge * fudge * gage * hedge * huge * image * knowledge * lodge * page * ridge * sludge * siege * voyage Words ending with -able: * admirable * amiable * affable * believable * capable * deductible * erasable * flammable * guessable * laughable * lovable * miserable * pleasurable * reliable * valuable Words ending with -ous: * arduous * blasphemous * cautious * curious * dangerous * delicious * envious * furious * gracious * hilarious * joyous * luscious * malicious * marvelous * notorious * pious * obvious * righteous * serious * tremendous * tenuous * venomous

How do you equip sets in runescape?

well you go to the ge then right click the clerk hit in yellow letters sets then right click your set then hit exchange then click on the armour plz add me topsofwow ty.

What are some eight letter words with 4th letter G and 5th letter E and 7th letter A and 8th letter S?

According to SOWPODS (the combination of Scrabble dictionaries used around the world) there are 1 words with the pattern ---GE-AS. That is, eight letter words with 4th letter G and 5th letter E and 7th letter A and 8th letter S. In alphabetical order, they are: weigelas

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What words end in dge and ge?


What are some spanish words that start with ge?


What word starts with GE and mean this an officer in te army?

The general is an officer in the army. It begins with the letters GE.

What are some 4 letter words ending in ge?

page, rage, wage, urge

What Greek related words begin with Gaea or Ge?

Gaea or Ge?

When did GE True end?

GE True ended on 1963-05-26.

What word did you get from the latin word 'ge'?

There is no common Latin word 'ge.' But Ancient Greek has a word γῆ ge which means earth. From this we get words such as geography or geology and other such words concerning the earth.

What are some curse words in Chinese?

Ma le ge bi this ones really bad so is ma le ge chou bi and tamade and dai bi and tsao

Is this the correct way to spell noticeable?

Yes, the spelling "noticeable" is correct. On words that end in CE or GE, the E is not dropped when adding the suffix -able.

What does the prefix 'ge' mean?

The prefix geo- means "Earth." Ge- is a common Germanic perfective prefix, now extinct in English except in some fossilized words such as y-clept ( "called").

What spelling words do not have dge or ge in them?


Are the words ge fanuc written in french or german?

"Yes the words Ge Fanuc is written in both French and German. As of 2007 Ge Fanuc's ifix 4.0 has become available in German, French, Polish and Russian languages."