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Gender, (Geritol, a product name), geriatric, gerund, the country Germany, germane, gerrymander, general, gentleman, genuflect, gestation, geode, geography, man's name Geoffrey, the letter (Gee) G itself ... many more ...

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Q: What are some words with the j sound spelled with j?
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Scrabble words with e and j in them?

Some words that are spelled with an E and a J are:abjectadjacentadjectivebluejaycajoleconjugateconjuredejectedejectenjoyfrijoleinjectinjureinterjectjacketjackhammerjackknifejadejaggedjalapenojanglejasminejasperjaundicejavelinjealousjeansjeepjeerjejunejellyjellybeanjeopardizejerkjerseyjetjettyjewelJezebeljinglejittersjivejockeyjoeyjoggerjokerjostlejubileejudgejugglejuicejujubejumbleJunejunglejunketjusticejuvenilemajesticobjectperjuryprejudiceprojectrejectrejoicerejuvenatesubjecttrajectory

Why is there a y in yellow?

Yellow comes from the Old English, "geolu". As with many words, in a German translation the "G" sound is spelled with a "J" letter. And in German, the "J" sound is "Yuh". Hence, yellow, in its English translation.

Gy words that make the j sound?

Some words that make the "j" sound are: Jeans Jurisdiction Gentle Gist

What are words that are spelled the same forward and backward called?

palindromes -J

How do you write J in Hebrew?

The sound of 'J' doesn't exist in the Hebrew language, and there is no single character that can produce its sound. In modern times, when foreign words that contain the 'J' sound are to be rendered in Hebrew, a combination of characters is used, frequently the characters for the sounds "DZ".

The sound heard at the beginning of jar is spelled in what ways?

j, gi, ge, gy, dge

What words are an example of the soft J sound?


What word can be spelled with these letters j d j n h t x?

There are no possible words with those letters.

What words can you spell with j s b u o m?

Words that can be spelled with the letters JSBUOM are:bumbusjobjumbomobsosobsubsumsumous

What words end in g but sound like j?


What is French for georgie?

If "Georgie" is an affectionate term for the male George, the French would be spelled exactly the same but pronounced with the French "j" sound instead of the English "j" sound. If "Georgie" is an affectionate term for the female Georgine or Georgia, or Georgette, the French would be "Georgine" (again with the French "j" sound).

What 4 letter words have j as third letter?

List:BajuDojoFujiGajoSojaSijoThere we are. They sound weird but they are English 4 letter words with 3rd letter 'j'.