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Double consonant words include baseball, cabbage, dotted, letter, occupied, soccer, spelling, and success (which has 2 sets).

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Q: What are some words with double consonants?
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Examples of double consonants?

Some words with double consonants are rattle, tattle, cattle, battle, mitten, kitten (the tt in the middle of the word is an example of double consonants)Other words with double consonants are rubble, dabble, ribbed, dabbing (the bb in the middle of the word is an example of double consonants.

What words have double consonants bb in the middle?

consonants with BB

What words can have double or single consonants in then?


What is a double consonants?

A double constant is a word with two of the same consonants together. Some examples are:abbotbetterclappingdessertessayfunnygullyhoppinginnjellykisslotterymessynappingotterprettyquillruthlessskippingtallestuddervillainwhammyyellowzippy

What is the rule for dividing words between double consonants?


Can you name Three syllable words with double consonants?


Words with double consonants that start with i?

ill eel inference

Is a double consonant and a double syllable the same?

No, a word with two consonants does not necessarily have two syllables too.Some examples of double consonants in two syllable words are:HappyDinnerSummerBubbleSillyAppleCoffee.

What are some words start and end with consonants?

Please refer to the related questions for some words start and end with consonants.

Words ending with double consonants gg?

Egg is the obvious one

What are some words that are sounded consonants?


What words have consonants in them?

Words that have consonants in them are most commonly the words that do not have all vowels. Some examples of such words are "cat," "dog," "book," and "can."